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B-2-B Litigation & Arbitration

Loree & Loree offers representation to small- and medium-sized businesses and business people in court and arbitration proceedings involving contract and business tort disputes. We can represent clients in New York State or federal court proceedings, before arbitration panels, and in mediations. We also can counsel you on how to resolve a dispute that is not yet the subject of formal proceedings, and assist you with settlement negotiations. And we can help you avoid future disputes by assisting you with drafting and negotiating contract wording designed to protect your legitimate business expectations.

Our approach to business-to-business dispute resolution is focused on helping you resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner. We do that in at least three ways. First, we offer very reasonable rates in exchange for top-notch representation, and we work with clients to achieve a mutually satisfactory fee arrangement tailored to the needs of the case. (See Cost and Value page, here, Philip J. Loree Jr.’s CV, here, and Philip J. Loree Sr.’s CV, here.)

Second, we do not view protracted litigation or arbitration to be a foregone conclusion, even if the dispute is particularly contentious. Unless litigating or arbitrating to judgment is what you legitimately desire, or is unavoidable, we work with you in an effort to achieve a beneficial settlement of the dispute early on, or as soon as practicable. In appropriate cases that may include, among other things, recommending mediation by experienced and highly-trained mediators; negotiating on your behalf; helping you negotiate; or even assisting you with hiring a negotiation specialist, if warranted.

Third, to the extent that litigation or arbitration must proceed, we work with you to help ensure that it proceeds as efficiently and effectively as reasonably possible. We are advocates of careful case planning to help you make sure that the litigation or arbitration is handled in a proactive – as opposed to reactive – fashion. We strive to make certain that the work devoted to your case is principally designed to advance your litigation and arbitration interests, not to fight proverbial fires. And we fight hard to protect your rights and to achieve the best result for you reasonably possible in the circumstances.

Business-to-Business disputes are generally not a lot of fun, but they are a fact of business life in many industries and sectors. Selecting counsel to handle these disputes involves a careful cost-benefit analysis. Why not select a firm whose benefits are designed to outweigh your costs?