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Cost and Value

Today’s economic climate is challenging, to say the least.  As a result, general counsel, legal staff and claims personnel at reinsurance, insurance and other companies can find themselves between a proverbial and unenviable “rock and a hard place.”  The “rock” is that these conditions tend to breed disputes that may end up in litigation or arbitration.  The “hard place” is that they exert tremendous pressure on clients to reduce costs, especially legal costs.

Sophisticated clients must make tough decisions.   They know that hiring experienced and skilled counsel can increase the odds of avoiding unnecessary litigation or arbitration, and of achieving a favorable outcome if proceedings are necessary.  But hiring experienced and skilled counsel can be costly, sometimes prohibitively so.  The consequences of an unfavorable outcome, however, may be equally or considerably more costly–whether measured by the dollar value of the loss; the implications of the result on future disputes or future dealings; or other considerations. 

Loree & Loree offers an alternative.  Because we are highly skilled and experienced former large-firm partners practicing in a small firm with lower overhead costs per lawyer compared to large firms, we can provide top quality legal representation at a lower total cost than clients ordinarily expect to pay for services of like quality. 

To reduce your costs we propose a billing arrangement that is tailored to your matter and designed to result in a lower total cost than we believe you would incur by hiring a large firm that staffed the matter with lawyers of comparable skill and experience.  We devote the time required to understand what the scope of your matter will likely be so that we can structure a suitable billing arrangement and work-flow plan.  We want to maximize the odds that, at the end of the engagement, you will conclude that you received more than you paid for.