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Our Mission

We formed Loree & Loree to offer clients an alternative that combines some of the best things that big firms can offer with some of the best things that small firms can offer, without burdening clients with the principal disadvantages of each business model.  In the matters we undertake, we strive to provide the same or better level of service, quality and skill that clients expect from large, big-city firms.  We deliver those services with the flexibility of a small firm, and with the personalized attention and responsiveness you expect to receive from the best of the smaller firms.   We provide our clients with value by allowing them to share in the cost savings we achieve by operating as a small firm.  That is why we are your “Boutique Alternative.”   

Loree & Loree is not focused on securing as many clients as possible and generating the highest possible revenues and profits per partner.  We are traditionalists who believe that the practice of law is not simply a business, but a noble profession.   We believe that it is also a very personal profession in which the quality of the attorney-client relationship, and client satisfaction—not the amount of profit realized—should be the key determinants of a successful engagement. 

Our small size and commitment to quality service necessarily limits the number of matters we can accept.  And some matters may require more lawyers than we can provide (unless we are co-counsel with another firm).  As part of the intake process, we evaluate whether we believe your matter is appropriate for our firm, and we discuss that with you.  We only accept a matter when we are confident we can deliver high-quality and responsive legal services at a reasonable cost.

But if we agree to accept your matter, you can be assured that you will have our full attention, and will not be competing for it with a large number of other clients, existing or prospective.   And you can be assured that all or virtually all substantive work will be done by the lawyers you chose to represent you, not by junior lawyers learning on your dime.  By hiring a boutique law partnership whose two partners have more than 70 years of combined experience handling sophisticated domestic and international matters, you can be confident that your matter is in good hands.Read More About Our Firm