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L&L’s Initial Strategy Discussion Offer

Welcome to our Initial Strategy Discussion Offer page.

If you’ve been searching the net looking for attorneys or law firms, you’ve probably seen countless so-called “free consultation” offers. And you’re probably wondering what they really mean, if anything.

Free Strategy Discussion Offer

Here’s what Loree & Loree (“L&L”) offers instead to businesses and individuals who contact us about an arbitration or arbitration-law problem: a free Initial Strategy Discussion, along with a complimentary Initial Fact and Issue Summary.

You contact us by email or telephone to briefly describe for us your arbitration law matter or problem.

We’ll ask you a few questions and, if all is in order from the standpoint of potential conflicts of interest, we’ll make arrangements to have a 20-30 minute or so strategy telephone conference with you to discuss your matter. We may ask you to send us, prior to the conference, a few, specific key documents relating to your matter.

At the conference we’ll ask you more questions about the facts, discuss the matter with you, and give you our preliminary thoughts on the principal issues raised as well as on steps you might decide to take in an effort to resolve the problem.

Initial Fact and Issue Summary

But there’s a takeaway, too: an Initial Fact and Issue Summary.

After the conference we’ll prepare for you a brief, written summary of the key facts you’ve conveyed to us, our preliminary identification of the principal issues raised by those facts, and a list of steps you might take in an effort to resolve the problem. This is your complimentary Initial Fact and Issue Summary.

After you review the summary you can decide whether you want to engage Loree & Loree to handle your matter going forward. Whether you do or you do not, you will not be charged for the strategy discussion, the summary, or the work that led up to that discussion and summary.

If you have an arbitration law matter on which you believe you may need advice and counsel, then email us at or call (516) 627-1720, and we’ll get going right away on your Initial Strategy Discussion and Fact and Issue Summary.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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