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About the Loree Reinsurance and Arbitration Law Forum

A.   About our Blog

Welcome to the Loree Reinsurance and Arbitration Law Forum (the “Forum”), the blog of Loree & Loree (website here).   We first went online back in March 2009 to establish a forum for insights and analysis concerning reinsurance, and commercial and industry arbitration.   As we write in June 2010 we have had the benefit of more than one year of blogging experience, and are better able to define our long-term vision and focus than we were when we first went online.

The Forum is designed for business people, arbitrators, lawyers and other professionals who are involved in or have responsibility for:  (a) reinsurance arbitration or litigation; or (b) commercial, industry, labor, employment or consumer arbitration.  It is also targeted at academics, students and others whose interests include reinsurance or arbitration or both.

Our goal is not to cover every single recent development in reinsurance or arbitration law, but to focus on the issues and events that we consider to be most important for our readers to know about.  Good writers, journalists and bloggers appreciate that there is a tradeoff between comprehensive reporting of events and analytical and critical coverage of events and issues.  Unless a publication has an extensive stable of highly-skilled writers and researchers, its ability to comprehensively report is inversely related to its ability to feature meaningful analysis and critique.  Both endeavors take time – a limited resource – and the publication has to allocate that limited resource in a way that it believes will maximize the benefits that its readers can glean from investing their own valuable, reading time.

For better or worse, we decided to invest most of our time in providing our readers with critical analysis of important issues and events.  We think there are many excellent blogs that offer comprehensive reporting of reinsurance- and arbitration-related events, and you can find a number of these in our blog roll.

We subscribe to the “content is king” philosophy of writing and reporting. We measure success in terms of quality, not quantity, and our assumption is that our readers desire a product that is not only interesting and relevant, but clearly and well written.  Perhaps in this day of “sound bites” and limited attention spans, our efforts here are to a certain extent misplaced, but we are confident that there is a sufficiently large market of serious, intelligent and sophisticated readers to make what we put into our work well worth it.

From time-to-time we feature articles by guest-bloggers.  We choose our guest bloggers carefully, looking for people who share writing philosophies close or equivalent to our own.  But we are not ideologues or politicos; we encourage our guest bloggers to express their own views, even – or especially — when they may be different from our own.  This blog is a forum, not a bully pulpit.

Not everything we do is an exercise in detailed analysis and commentary.  For example, we from time-to-time feature “Nuts & Bolts” articles that are designed to provide general and practical information about reinsurance- or arbitration-related subjects.  For example, “Reinsurance Nuts & Bolts: Honorable Engagement Clauses” (here) covers the sometimes-controversial topic of Honorable Engagement clauses, and offers our thoughts on how such clauses are and should be interpreted by arbitrators and courts.  And “Arbitration Nuts & Bolts: Vacating Arbitration Awards — It’s All in the Agreement” (Part I here) is a multi-part post covering the various grounds for vacating arbitration awards under Section 10 of the Federal Arbitration Act.

We also like to give our fellow bloggers and authors credit where we believe credit is due.  When we read articles by fellow bloggers or authors that we find particularly interesting or noteworthy, we try to share that information with our readers, providing them with links to the article when available.  We also let our readers know when we are published in — or quoted by — the trade press or mentioned by other blogs.

As its name implies, this blog is a forum for insights and analysis.  We therefore welcome appropriate comments concerning our articles.  We encourage readers that have questions or wish to discuss what we have written to post a comment or contact us by e-mail (  We make it our business to respond to all legitimate comments and inquiries.

Finally, if you would like the opportunity to be featured as a guest blogger, please contact us by e-mail, providing some background information and a brief summary of your proposed guest blog piece.  We will get back to you let you know if we can feature your submission, and even if we cannot, we may be able to propose some other blogs that might be able to accommodate you.   Remember, you do not need to have your own blog to be a guest blogger.

B.   About Our “Blogmaster” 

Philip J. Loree Jr., a partner at Loree & Loree, is our blogmaster.  Mr. Loree has more than 20 years of experience handling reinsurance- and arbitration-related matters, and was formerly a litigation partner at Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft LLP and Rosenman & Colin LLP, and a shareholder at Stevens & Lee, P.C.  While at Cadwalader Mr. Loree was involved in a number of high-profile, reinsurance-related matters, and he has practiced with and studied under some of the finest reinsurance lawyers in the business.

Mr. Loree’s practice focuses on reinsurance litigation and arbitration and commercial arbitration and litigation.  He has written extensively for the trade press, and his comments on arbitration-related matters have been quoted in trade journals here and in the U.K.  He is also an owner, co-founder and co-manager of LinkedIn’s Commercial and Industry Arbitration and Mediation Group, which is currently more than 775 members strong, and which features robust discussion of issues pertinent to commercial and industry ADR.   (You can read more about that group, and learn how to join, here.)

Mr. Loree’s CV is here and his LinkedIn profile here.  You can follow him on Facebook (here) or Twitter (here), and he can be reached by e-mail at

We hope you enjoy reading the Forum.

Loree & Loree